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frequently asked questions

Beneath you will find the most frequently asked questions of users concerning the Yirro-plus® system.

Questions on installation & maintenance

Questions on the use of Yirro-plus®

Questions on the cleaning

Questions on warranty


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* Which is more applicable for me - the universal docking or the adaptor docking?

Answer: If your delivery unit has a vertical flat surface, in most cases, the universal docking is applicable. In case your delivery unit has a spare slot available for integration, then you can also make use of the adaptor docking, included in every start set. [This adaptor docking fits into the 15 mm slots of A-dec, Anthos, Kavo, Planmeca, ... e.o.]. For units with different slot dimensions, special adaptors are available … These are separately available through your dealer. The most up-to-date overview on adaptors is to be found in the Integration Adaptors table in the download section back to FAQ's

* How will this mirror be connected to my unit?

Answer: Every Yirro-plus start set is to be connected directly to your compressor. The PREMIUM system is also to be connected with electricity. In all start sets, a separate installation instruction sheet is included, together with all connection supply. For connection to compressed air, a 6mm T-part (1/4”) is included. In the PREMIUM start set, a 24VDC medical power adaptor with interchangeable blades is included. This adaptor is suitable for 90-240VAC and can be connected to an electrical contact (EU, UK, US, AU) or to a terminal block by use of included wires / contra-connector. More detailled information is to be found in the separate installation instruction sheet [see 'download section'].. back to FAQ's

* How will this system be connected to the compressed air?

Answer: The Yirro-plus® system is connected independently from the unit to the 3-6 bar of the compressor. For the connection to compressed air, a 6 mm T-part (1/4”) is included. In all start sets, a separate installation instruction sheet is included, together with air connection supply. For COMFORT systems, an extra quick coupling [available in 2 types] is included, for direct access to an exterior air point of your unit. In case you don’t have an exterior air point available on your unit and you prefer to create one, we advise you to purchase a ‘female’ air connection set - separately available in 2 types [NW 2.7 - art. 0377 and Poly female - art. 0553]. back to FAQ's

* Is it possible to connect PREMIUM directly to 24VAC?

Answer: NO. The Yirro-plus® system is developed to be connected independently from the unit to 90-240VDC by use of the included medical Power adaptor. Apart from this option it is possible to connect the Power/Air Box directly to 24VDC of the unit. More detailed information is available in the separate mounting & installation instruction sheet [see ’download section’]... back to FAQ's

* Is any service technician capalbe to install the system?

Answer: YES. Every service technician should be able to install this system independently from the unit, by use of the included connection supply. See also the separate installation & mounting instruction sheet [download section]. In case your technician has any questions in relation to the installation, let him contact us ... back to FAQ's

* What are the costs for installation?

Answer: Depending on the hour-rate and also of your situation, it will take about 30 to 40 minutes to install the system. When installing for the first time, your service technician might charge a one hour rate to cover unexpected difficulties. We recommend to plan the installation combined with the periodic maintenance, in order to decrease extra costs... back to FAQ's

* Which are the most wearable components of this system?

Answer: Apart from the mirror heads and the ø4 mm silicone hose there are no wearable components. The system has been designed such, that there are no moving parts that can break or malfunction. Apart from periodic cleaning routines after every patient treatment, no maintenance is needed ... back to FAQ's

* Is it possible to transfer the system (after installation) to another dental unit?

Answer: YES. Demounting is easy, connections can be removed and the system can be transferred to another unit. Be aware that the universal mounting docking is mounted with strong adhesive tape and, when disconnected, the tape needs to be removed. Then clean the mounting surface and order for new tape, or, preferrably you could order a mobile docking holder [article 0518]; for easy clipping of the universal docking without visible screws. We recommend the transfer to be carried out by your service technician... back to FAQ's

* My unit has an exterior air connection. Can I install the Yirro-plus system on this connection?

Answer: YES, but exclusively in case of COMFORT. In every COMFORT start set, a quick coupling is included for direct acces to exterior air connections on unit or on the wall. NOTE: there are 2 types of COMFORT start sets available; [1] COMFORT NW [art. 0427], with an included male NW 2.7 quick coupling, suitable for users located in the area of northern Europe; and [2] COMFORT Polymale [art. 0558], with an included ‘Poly male’ quick coupling suitable for users located in USA, Asia, Southern Europe. Check here for the type of exterior air connection on your unit. In case you don't have any exterior air connection and wish to create one, order one of the 2 separately available ‘female’ air connection sets [ for the NW 2.7 type you should order article 0377 and for the Poly female type you should order article 0553]. [PREMIUM] If you intend to purchase a PREMIUM system, we do not recommend to use an exterior air connection: both the air connection and the electricity wires remain outside from the unit - consequently this will look less sophisticated.... back to FAQ's

FAQ on the USE of Yirro-plus

* How long do mirror heads last?

Answer: Yirro-plus® mirrors can withstand a minimum of 100 times autoclaving. Apart from the cleaning and sterilisation process, the actual use plays a crucial role with respect to the wearance. Most users benefit from Yirro mirrors for about at least 6 to 8 months. In order to minimize wearance from the regular cleaning process, the special Yirro-plus® cleaning box was developed, for protected cleaning of 8 mirrors. In order to prevent so called ‘solid spots’ on the mirror surface, that can occur during sterilization, due to the inevitable residu in the autoclave water, the noSPOT autoclave cap was developed. When applying noSPOT caps during autoclaving, your HR mirrors no longer need to be rubbed clean, only shortly rinsed with water, which shows the mirror to last longer… back to FAQ's

* What performance quality do these mirrors have?

Answer: Yirro-plus® mirror heads are provided with dielectric front surface reflective coatings, with extreme reflectivity (visually brighter when compared to a Rhodium front surface mirror). Yirro mirrors are further provided with a water- and grease-repellent multi-layered coating. The glass surface has been grinded and polished to be extremely flat; offering a highly reliable image, which can be made visible by directing a presentation laser pointer over the mirror surface … back to FAQ's

* Will the mirror stay clean, i.e. when removing composite?

Answer: The removal of composite fillings is a delicate thing, especially because in this situation the difference between the colour of the composite and the tooth material is hard to distinguish. Our users indicate that the use of Yirro-plus® when removing composite is more comfortable - Watch here a demo movie of composite removal in order to acces a root canal. Watch here a demo movie of the finishing of a crown preparation… back to FAQ's

* The flexible silicone air hose, is it durable? It seems so vulnerable...

Answer: The flexible air hose has been deliberately chosen so that you can work as much comfortable as possible. The non-dominant side should not focus the attention of the dominant-side. The relative vulnerability of the hose is a direct consequence of this decision. It is however very easy for the dentist to replace this silicon hose. Should - after a period of time - the end of the air hose loosen or be damaged or leak, then this problem is solved easily by pulling the hose from the air outlet, cut off 1 cm and put it back in place. In case of a leak the air flow can be influenced and a replacement hose needs to be ordered. Replacement hoses are most affordable... back to FAQ's

* How to determine the proper length of the silicone hose?

Answer: When determining the standard length of the air hose we calculated sufficient length to work comfortably. When the mirror is docked, pay attention that the hose does not touch the floor [hygiëne]. A length of 1.30 m has proven to be sufficient in most situations, with the docking on the delivery unit. For Cart-users, that tend to dock the mirror on the dominant side, a longer hose [1.80 m] is available. Should in your situation the hose not be long enough, contact your dealer, for request of the longer version of 1.80 m … back to FAQ's

* Will the air flow bother my patient?

Answer: No such complaints have been made by patiënts during pre-tests and after. Nonetheless the experts have indicated a difference in patient-sensibility concerning the air flow in general. For this reason the regulation button was developed, in order to fine-tune the air flow individually. In some cases you might have to decide between your patients' comfort and your own. Consider that the controllable air flow of the Yirro-mirror is less firm when compared to a triplex / multifunction syringe air flow… back to FAQ's

* How do I instruct my assistant for use of Yirro-plus?

Answer: This matter needs the proper attention. It is important for your assistant to know the cleaning and sterilization procedures, and also the preferred way of handing over the mirror before the treatment. Before and after every treatment the docking station and air coupling are to be wiped clean with alcohol or disinfectant. The air coupling is to be shortly lifted from the docking station in order to clean both docking and coupling. Instruct your assistant to either place a cleaned handle/mirror set in the docking before every treatment, or, if you prefer so, instruct the mirror to be placed on your dental tray. Please practice these cleaning and preparing routines a few times together with your assistant to make sure that the both of you become familiar with the ins and outs of the use... back to FAQ's

* Is there a learning curve for use of Yirro-plus?

Answer: The learning curve is different for each user. However, our users do not perceive the Yirro-plus system as difficult. The intuitive system offers a logic operation. Still, you and your assistant will need to get used to the presence of the siilcon air hose and the continuous flow of air on the mirror surface. Some TIPS: Pay attention that the air hose and the suction hoses do not conflict during work. Also learn to prevent, when taking out the mirror from the patients’ mouth, the air hose to touch the patiënts’ nose. If you work with coverdam, instruct your assistent to prevent a water basin, to avoid water to splash out by the air flow. Users indicate that they truly have had to 'get used to the air hose’ but after a while they 'no longer notice it’ and value 'its comfort which simply outweighs these issues.’... back to FAQ's

* Can I also use this mirror WITHOUT air flow?

Answer: OFCOURSE. When starting a treatment, i.e. an examination, use the mirror without air hose. After a few moments, ‘dock’ on air and continue to work with air flow. TIP > Do you prefer to 'start' without the air? Instruct your assistant to place a clean Yirro-plus® dental mirror on the tray, not docked into the docking station. [COMFORT] When using COMFORT, you can ask your assistant to toggle the manual switch to switch OFF the air flow any time. You could instruct your assistant in advance. [PREMIUM] PREMIUM users have 3 options: a) disconnect the magnet coupling from the handle and dock it back into the docking, b) turn the regulator knob all the way to the right - the air flow will stop, or c) make use of the separately available foot pedal option [article 0268]. PREMIUM users that prefer to switch ON/OFF without having to re-focuss benefit from this foot-pedal option… back to FAQ's

FAQ on Warranty

* What is the warranty period on the system?

Answer: The Yirro-plus® system knows a statutory warranty of 1 year. (For more information about the warranty see section 8.1 and 8.2 of our General Terms.).. back to FAQ's

* What can I do if I am not content with my delivery?

Answer: Carefully check your delivery for any defects before use. If you report visual defects [broken or missing items] timely (within 7 days) by a written notice of the visible defects of your purchase, you are entitled to receive a compensation in the form of a new (partial) delivery. Used consumables like mirror heads do not apply to this rule. (See also our General Terms, Article 8.4)... back to FAQ's

* I have a complaint, where can I post it?

Answer: At DHM-dental we endeavor to produce the system as user friendly and functional as possible. Should you nonetheless have any complaints, please contact us at Our ISO 13485 quality system will ensure every complaint to be examined seriously and to strive for a suitable solution, if applicable.. back to FAQ's

FAQ on Cleaning of Yirro-plus

How do I clean the handles and mirror heads?

Answer: BY USING THE INCLUDED CLEANING AND STERILIZATION INSTRUMENTS. Handles and mirror heads need to be cleaned and sterilized SEPARATED from one another [detachable click mounting]. The plastic of the mirror and handle is resistant to cleaning and sterilization temperatures. Handles can be placed on the ø4 mm injectors of the thermal disinfector in order to disinfect, or they can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning. Clean the Mirror heads in the special Cleaning box, for protected cleaning of 8 mirror heads by thermal disinfection or ultrasonic cleaning. Mirrors and handles can be additionally sterilized by autoclaving them, during which procedure we recommend the use of the special noSPOT autoclave caps .. back to FAQ's

* Can't I just clean the dental mirror in one piece (with mirror head clicked into handle)?

Answer: This is a technical possibility, but for reasons of hygiene we advise not to do so; please avoid the possiblity of contamination residu in the connection of mirror and handle. Also, the small air outlet created by the assembly of the mirror and handle, has not been designed to let water through. NEVER PLACE AN ASSEMBLED MIRROR-HANDLE ON THE INJECTORS OF YOUR THERMAL DISINFECTOR. You might risk to damage the mirror… back to FAQ's

* How do I clean the air coupling, the docking station and the air-regulator?

Answer: The docking station, air coupling and air regulation unit should be wiped off before and after every treatment, according to hygienic Rules, by use of alcohol or disinfectant. Please avoid loss of the couplings' magnetism and do not sterilize it in the autoclave nor clean it in thermal disinfector... back to FAQ's

* [PREMIUM] How do I prevent the air flow from blowing, when cleaning the coupling and docking station?

Answer: If you make use of the foot pedal option, than shortly press the foot pedal during the cleaning process.. If you do not have this option, than shortly lift the coupling whilest cleaning it, quickly wipe clean the docking and place the coupling back into the docking. This operation can be done within a few seconds... back to FAQ's

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