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DrRoheetKhatavkar "In my quest to find a good mirror for users of magnification (either loupes of microscope) - i was introduced to this mirror made in Amsterdam called "YIRRO". Quite an unusual name and quite an unusual mirror too. Requires a fairly simple setup - Basically a tubing attached to the your air outlet of your compressor which passes a stream of air through the mirror head. This mechanism offers un-interrupted vision while working with an air-rotor or scaler. Concept is AMAZING & looks promising. Have a look at the short video I have posted : Front Surface Mirror v/s Yirro Mirror....[video post on Youtube] Tagging few microscope users - Its a must have for u guys" Dr. Roheet Khatavkar, Dr. Roheet Khatavkar Dental Clinic, Mumbay, India.

MattFriedman "Anybody else use the Yirro-plus mirror? I think it is a great adjunct to a microscope user, especially for restorative dentistry" [video post on Facebook] Dr. Matt Friedman, Friedman Dentistry, Encino CA, U.S.A..

Schermafbeelding20170220om180535 "I like the Yirro-plus system and use it a lot. Uncomplicated and easy!" ... "Installation was easily accomplished by our Patterson Dental technician and the mirror is functioning well." Stewart Rosenberg, Laurel Laser Dentistry, Laurel, U.S.A..

DrOgnedal "I really LOVE your mirrors!'......... 'I am using the Yirro system daily on almost all treatments that require indirect vision because it allows me to work for longer before the mirror needs cleaning. Cleaning then consists of a quick waterspray on the mirror to remove dried debris. Uncomplicated and easy!" Hans Kristian Ognedal, Stavanger, Norway.

Foto1"Regarding its utilization:  I have been using rotational mirrors for a while and definately those are much more sensitive to scratches and mechanical problems; Yirro works really good. Quality of the mirror is very high; - I use the system mainly when the rubber dam is not in place and although a little noisy it is very effective" Dr. Pablo Perez, Odontologia Restauradora, Albia, Spain.

Dr "Dear Pamela, >> Your product is very nice! >> It has a very high quality surface. >> You can view the images made through my Zeiss OPMI microscope. >> Best regards, >> Dr. Phd. Nikolay Kosyrev" Dr. Nikolay Kosyrev at Moscow, experienced user of microscope. [view demo-video 1]

fotopatrick130x100 "The smaller type of this dental mirror offers me a great sight at the back teeth; its reflection is extremely high." Patrick Vadàsz, microscope dentist and endodontist in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. [view demo-video 2/3/4]

DrHorton."I am very pleased with my Yirro-plus mirror. It is a simple idea and makes working on upper teeth much faster, I can now see! The quality of the mirror surface is such that the image is brighter than with my normal front surface reflecting mirrors, and I can turn the lighting down on my loupes, thus making the battery last longer. Thank you! Robin." Dr. Robin Horton, Wayside Dental Practise, Harpenden, UK

DrJohnMoore “It is a GREAT product I think for microscope users but really any dentist but especially those who do longer procedures like Cerec/RCT routinely as it free’s up the nurse to not have to blow air over mirror, takes away need for any surfactant etc. Shape of mirror is also excellent, freeing up space to work when compared to traditional round mirrors, most of which are really larger than the dentist should need if working four- handed” Dr. John Moore, John Moore Dental Clinic, Plymouth

Cronshaw100x130 "This mirror is a pleasure to work with ." Mark Cronshaw, laserdentist in Coventry, United Kingdom.

TomasLang100x130 "This dental mirror is especially useful for wet preparations of any kind. In particular when locating root canals in endodontics...its extreme reflection is practical for working deep in the root canal and on severely discolored teeth." Mr. Dr. Tomas Lang, microdentist in Essen, Germany.

kotschy130x100 "We have implemented the Yirro-plus System with success on rootcanalcleaning and on microchirurgic pocket-treatments [glass pearl procedure]." Mr. Prof. Dr. Peter Kotschy, parodontologist in Wien, Austria..

Janberghmans100x130 "More than a year ago, Yirro-plus was installed at my dentist’s chair and in no time it evolved into an indispensable part of my armamentarium. Meanwhile, my assistant can not do without it. Previously, when she was busy blowing clean my mirror during the so-called wet stage, at times my visibility and access was clogged due to the presence of the multifunction syringe. This is no longer necessary, and now an uninterrupted visibility of the surgical field is preserved. In my opinion, the Yirro-plus also works better than the system with rotating magnetic mirrors that I used for years. The latter system was much more expensive, caused a lot of decibels, was not hygienic, was heavy-handed and showed technical deficiencies concerning the rechargeable batteries. Yirro-plus handles are light-weight and practical, and the system is easy to install. It’s simplicity of non-moving parts is a guarantee for non-maintenance." Dr. Jan Berghmans, Jan Berghmans Exclusief Endodontie, Brussel, Belgium.

"Since I work with the Yirro-plus ® dental mirror there is no need to constantly clean my mirror - I always have a clear view of my work! I can work much faster than before; because treatments in the upper jaw no longer need extra effort. Great value! " Saskia Uilenberg, dentist at Renkum, NL.

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